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9.47.1 The Marque of Unquestioned Seaworthiness


To gain access to training in the skill of Seafaring, and in its attendant
specialisations, you must first obtain a Fully Attested Marque of Unquestioned
Seaworthiness. A Marque may be obtained in one of two ways:
1) Purchase from Captain Maelstrom in the Tasur'ke Shipyard.
   ASK him for his WARES. This will be a blank marque, requiring attestation.
2) Commissioning of a ship. This will be a fully attested marque (see below).

How to Get Attestations on your Marque
A new Marque gained by purchase is essentially blank, awaiting attestations of
your visit to seven certain harbours:

     A desolate shoreline at Tenwat Prison
     Overlooking the harbour at Zanzibaar
     North end of the beach at Tapoa Island
     At the end of a pair of docks at Zaphar Isle
     A Sandy stretch of beach at Sea Lion Cove
     On the Mysian dock at Mysia
     Rusted Landing at Clockwork Island

Once present at any of these locations, with Marque in hand, simply ATTEST. The
harbours may be visited in any order. The seventh attestation will change your
Marque into a Fully Attested Marque (of Unquestioned Seaworthiness) and will
grant you immediate and irrevocable access to training in the skill of
Seafaring and its related specialisations.

A Marque from commissioning a ship
When you commission a ship you are presented with a Marque that is full and
complete. You need to do nothing farther to gain access to training in

What if your Marque is complete, but you can't train in Seafaring?
Give your Marque to Maelstrom. If he is satisfied that you have completed the
Marque, he will provide you with the access you need to learn Seafaring.