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12.13.4 The Kingdom of Lothos

The triton kingdom of Lothos is an underwater city located in the Bay of
Dardanos. It gains its wealth from pearls, growing prosperous from the
abundant oyster beds that reside within the bay, as well as from the large
amount of sea life that converges about the city-state. Only one of a
handful of tritonic military powers in the Eusian Sea, it is perhaps the
least abrasive to landwalkers, a state of affairs atypical for tritons and a
relationship that is constantly called into question by other tritonic
factions. While tritons constitute Lothos' upper class, the city is also
home to merfolk living in harmony despite their lower caste. Guarded by an
impressive legion of hoplites and beautified by corals, kelp fields, and
soaring architecture, Lothos and its ancient line of ruling Kings has
culminated with two twin brothers primed for the throne under their mother,
the ageing Queen.