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12.6.1 The Ithmian Forests

The Ithmian forests consist of three distinct forests: the Western, Eastern,
and Northern Ithmias.

The Western Ithmia is a classic oak and elm temperate forest. It is said that
dryads may be found in the forest, though they can be quite difficult to catch.
Within lie the communities of Sparrow's Rest and Bagwar's Copse; it is also
rumoured that the ancient temple of the Earthmother is somewhere to be found in

The Eastern Ithmia lies across the banks of the Zaphar River and, much like its
western counterpart, consists primarily of oak and elm. The Eastern Ithmia
houses the kingdom of the dryads as well as the forestal village of Eleusis.

The Northern Ithmia is a dark, forbidding place, separated from the Western
Ithmia by the Zaphar River and from the Eastern Ithmia by a tributary of the
Zaphar. The mischievous buckawns, mortal enemies of the dryads, also make their
home there.