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8.2.14 The House of the Insidium

"Go your ways: behold, I send you forth as wolves among lambs."

Every living being can be bent to serve Evil, whether it is aware of it or not. This simple truth defines the nature of the Insidium. A mere whisper can cause the fall of a kingdom. A well-timed dagger can unravel a civilisation. Indirection makes kings into puppets, and titles mean little to those who truly rule from the shadows.

Patient and calculating, the Insidium strives for nothing less than control over the entirety of the known world in the name of Sartan, the Lord of Evil. Weaving a web of influence from the shadows, they manipulate those who stand against them to unwittingly aid their cause. When words fall short, they eliminate their target with ruthless efficiency. Subtlety defines the Insidi, for even when their actions are overt, their true goals are hidden from sight.

With influence as the ultimate goal, knowledge is the foundation upon which it is built. To the Insidium, all knowledge is worth having. The smallest detail, overlooked by all but the most discerning eye, can change the course of history. How this information is attained is less important--a book freely given is as valuable as a secret pilfered from a guarded heart. Perhaps the subtlest knowledge the Insidium guards is that of Mhaldor's ancient traditions and rituals, which are theirs to oversee.