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The fabled Flame of Yggdrasil is said to have the power to resurrect bodies
which are placed in it. If you can find the Flame, simply do this:
- IMMOLATE <corpse> and the person will have the option to
- ENTER the FLAME (in which case life will be returned to that person), or
- REJECT the FLAME (in which case the corpse will fall to the ground).

Those who delay this decision (to ENTER or REJECT) long enough, whether through
indecision or a difficult discorporation will find that they will have resolved
the question in favour of entering the flame. (In short, if you wait more than
about 15 seconds, either because you can't or won't decide, or because you have
lost connection between body and soul, then you will ENTER the flame anyhow).

It is said that the Flame began its aeon-long burn ages ago when the Elder God
Agatheis was experimenting with elemental control. He spent many years inside
Yggdrasil, meditating and perfecting His power, and an experiment gone awry one
day resulted in a life-giving, seemingly eternal, heatless flame.

Because of the genuinely holy nature of the Flame, it is considered a sign of
disrespect to the Gods to linger there.