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13.15 The Dauntless

The Dauntless, as their name suggests, are a group of fearless fighters who
welcome any and all challenges to their combat prowess at any time of the day
or night. Divorced from the Quisalis and Ivory organisations, Dauntless fight
not for money; not to avenge the meek or weak; not as champions of other
organisations; instead they fight for the joy, love, glory, and rush of pitting
themselves against any man (or woman) who thinks he has the mettle to prove a

Joining The Dauntless
One can join the ranks of The Dauntless by visiting with Lafrin. Membership is
purchased* on a yearly basis, for twelve thousand gold per year.
You must be a minimum of level 70 to be accepted.

(Lafrin spends his days with fellow Dauntless Ophal, seeking out challenges of
their own, but you can contact them via tells and ask them WHERE they are.)

You will be removed from The Dauntless 12 IC months after initiating the
status, when the year's membership expires, but there are no restrictions on
purchasing another year's membership.

Members of The Dauntless earn 20% of their experience deficit back (provided
they have one) per kill. This is not cumulative with other experience deficit
bonuses, so if you are a member of the Quisalis or Ivory organisations, you
will gain the 25% back as per your Mark status.

Anyone is welcome to attack any member of the Dauntless at anytime, but
Dauntless are entirely permitted to seek retaliation for these actions
themselves. However, Dauntless are not permitted to hire marks for such attacks.

* Should you own a knotted leather cord, you will be able to join The Dauntless
for no cost, and will not be removed at the end of the standard 12 month
period. Provided this minimum year has passed, you will be able to QUIT
DAUNTLESS, to step down from the ranks of the fearless.

What If I Just Want To Fight Now And Then?
The simple answer is, you can! And you don't even need to join up!
Members of The Dauntless are fair game to any and all in Achaea at any time of
the day or night. Their being Dauntless is enough of a reason to justify attack
upon them by anyone, but bear in mind, a Dauntless may seek retaliation should
you decide to do so!

You can easily see who of The Dauntless are online with DAUNTLESSWHO. This
command is usable by everyone. It does respect the function of veils, hoods,
and gems.