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The Cult of the Serpent Lords

We, the Cult of the Serpent Lords, are a selective cabal from all walks of
life, practicing the arts of assassination, thievery, espionage, and espouse
above all else the lineage and theory of these dark talents.

At the heart of our Cult lies a starkly beautiful dual nature. We live in the
past, honouring our crafty predecessors and the techniques they spent their
lives mastering, but we also live in the moment, knowing that the danger of our
path makes a quick death one misstep away. We walk in infamy, as required by
our profession, sparing no resource in pursuit of our goals. Being neither Good
nor Evil, each of us seizes his or her own destiny, each of us chooses to lead
our brethren and our city in the best way we can. There is no binding creed for
us, no feet to kiss, only respect for those who teach or guide us and, despite
our loyalty to each other, we call no man master.

There are but two axioms we hold above all others:

"If you neglect your art for one day, it will neglect you for two."

"Follow me if I advance, kill me if I retreat, avenge me if I die."

To commit yourself to the Cult is to embrace freedom and reject servitude, to
live a life of unfettered ambition and not crippling sloth, and to forge your
own destiny alongside your Serpent brothers and sisters rather than permit
those who know neither your soul nor your talents to choose it for you. Along
every step of the way, you will be intimately guided but never indoctrinated.
You will guard your way of life but choose and master your own pursuits within
the Serpent arts, and at the zenith of your journey, when you have proven your
mastery, you will have become what many imitate, but so very few are -- a
Serpent Lord.