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12.6.8 Sparrow's Rest

Sparrow's Rest is a small section of forest just south of the Western Ithmia
inhabited by a community of competent elder druids. Led by the arrogant and
willful Jahalen, they departed their original home, Eleusis, just before the
dryad queen Titania opened it to the Sentinels in 271 AF. They maintain a
stance of strict non-interference with respect to nature, and are hostile to
any who would manipulate the natural world for their own personal benefit.
Their dislike for Sentinels and dryads is especially pronounced. Ethereal
spirit wolves patrol their territory and defend it from outsiders, though
the interference of some unknown force occasionally sabotages the best of
their defences.

In the year 922 AF, Sparrow's Rest was destroyed amid the corruption of Yggdrasil.