Achaea Help Files

Achaea has hundreds of help files to you learn about Achaea. This is a copy of the in-game help file structure. HELP in-game will show you this same menu.



You've made some money, and it is undoubtedly burning a hole in your
pocket! Find a shop, view goods with WARES, and buy things with BUY!

   DIRECTORY <item you're looking for>
   WARES [BRIEF] [<pattern>] [CODE <accesscode>]
   BUY [<howmany>] <item> [CODE accesscode]
   ASK <denizen> WARES [<pattern>]
   BUY <item> FROM <denizen>

Finding items to buy
With the vast variety of items and merchants, it can be a time-consuming effort
to visit multiple shops looking for a specific item. You may use the DIRECTORY
command to search for a specific item. Looking for health elixir? Use 
DIRECTORY HEALTH. Looking for a stylish new tunic? Use DIRECTORY TUNIC.

Directory will only show shops in the current area or city.

Prices listed via DIRECTORY are what items are stocked at, these do not reflect
any pricing changes due to shopkeeper policies.

Many fine merchants inhabit the land, plying their trade in the various shops
of Achaea. When in a location that looks as if it may be a shop (Central Market
of Ashtan, for instance), WARES will tell you if it is. If it is a shop, it
will also show you the proprietor (owner) of the shop, and what is for sale.

Proprietor: Rurin the Crafter
         pie13485: a lemon pie                                     2    500gp
        pike61672: a pike                                          5    300gp
      rapier20480: an ornate steel rapier                          5   2000gp
       vial122778: an elixir of health (blue ceramic vial)        21   1000gp
       myrrh85123: a group of 10 myrrh balls                      27    100gp

The first item on each line is what you use to buy it. The second item is a
description. The third is how many are in stock. The last item is the price,
either in gold (gp), credits (cr), or Mayan Crowns <mc>.

WARES <pattern> searches for things matching that pattern. For example WARES
SWORD will show you things with sword in the name somewhere, like longsword or
bastard sword.

If you have the vision ability of Weaponlist or Armourlist, then WARES
or WARES <pattern> will give substantially more information about the
weapons or armours listed.

WARES BRIEF [pattern] will suppress that extra information.

Use the full name, with number, to be sure you're buying the right thing!

For example, BUY vial122778 to purchase a blue ceramic vial containing an
elixir of health. Never use two words. Don't BUY VIAL 23456, for example!

Buying in Quantity
Buy more than one this way: BUY 7 PIKE to purchase 7 pikes (assuming that many
are for sale).

Buying From Master Shopkeepers With Codes
Some master shopkeepers are able to set up special codes so that only those who
know the code can buy things, or even see that they are for sale. If you are
one of the privileged few to be given a code by a master shopkeeper, here's how
to use it:

   WARES CODE mycode
   BUY item12345 CODE mycode

If you use the proper code, then you will see new things in WARES, and you will
be able to purchase things with the BUY command.

Buying Directly From Denizen Merchants
Many merchants wander the lands but do not have visible shops. You can still
buy direct from them. If you happen to meet one, try asking what is for sale:

   ASK <merchant> WARES [<pattern>]

As with other versions of the WARES command, the <pattern> helps you look at
only things that match the pattern.

If you wish to take a closer look at something that a denizen merchant has 
for sale, you may do so in this way:

   ASK <merchant> <item# of an item from the wares list>