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The Goddess Selene was slain in 611 AF by Bal'met, the Worldreaver.

Feisty and flirtatious, Selene favoured those who seek Beauty and Love in all
that they encounter, especially within oneself. Selene sought to share Her view
of the world with all who wish to learn it. Although most mortals are content
with their own unique views of love, Selene tried to help them recognise that
Love has no boundaries and encompasses many different elements while still
remaining faithful unto itself.

Accepting and loving towards all She met, Selene was the summation of all that
is perfect in love and beauty: yet this does not mean She was easily blinded.
Quite the contrary! Love in its truest form is not blind as some would say, but
more accurately sees all and understands it for what it is, seeking only to
embrace things for what they truly are, not for what one wishes them to be. By
this same token, love is not easily taken advantage of, since it is fully aware
of what is underneath and will not participate in its own destruction.