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4.16.1 Seeing things about denizens: the CONSIDER command

What can't you see about a denizen?
Just about everything! You can't see much at all except a very general measure
of its power. You may be able to deduce some of these things by what the
denizen does, but there is no magic way to just find out directly.

What CAN you see about a denizen?
You can use the CONSIDER command to help you make an educated guess as to how
powerful the denizen is. This also works for adventurers, by the way.

CONSIDER <adventurer> will compare your might, which is a rough comparison of
how many lessons you have spent in learning skills.

CONSIDER <denizen> gives a general idea of the power of the denizen. For
example, CONSIDER rat might say "A rat is quite powerful." Careful: this does
not mean how powerful the rat is COMPARED TO YOU. It's on a single absolute
scale. The rat may look relatively helpless. Fine. But you are weak and feeble.
To you, the rat would be a tough opponent.

CONSIDER will also show how much health the denizen has left. See HELP PROMPT,
in particular the custom prompt section, to learn how to include your target's
health in your prompt.

The messages you may see when you type the consider command for a denizen, in
order from strongest to weakest, are:

  almost glows with nearly god-like power
  does not even register your presence as a threat
  exudes an aura of overwhelming power
  has an air of extreme strength
  looks to be crushingly strong
  appears to be extraordinarily strong
  is quite powerful
  is not one to be trifled with
  seems strong and confident
  exudes a quiet confidence
  seems to be unafraid
  appears to lack strength
  does not look particularly dangerous
  is a humble-looking creature
  looks relatively helpless
  looks weak and feeble