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23.22 Seamonsters

Seamonsters and denizen-controlled ships can randomly be encountered as you
roam the high seas, but are known to populate certain areas more than others.
Slaying these scourges of the seas can be a very profitable and rewarding

Seamonster Commands
 FIRE <weapon> AT <seamonster>
  - Fires a ship-mounted weapon at a seamonster.
  - All seamonsters can be targeted with the keyword "seamonster".

  - Uses the Spyglass ability in Seafaring to view seamonsters.

 SPYGLASS LOOK <seamonster>
  - Get details about a specific seamonster.

Seamonster Movement and Attacks
After appearing, seamonsters will chase your ship in an attempt to get next to
it to perform their most damaging attacks. It is best to try and keep away from
them. Most seamonsters will also have some ranged attacks.

Seamonsters prefer the comforting waters of their home regions. Attempting to
lure a seamonster too far from its home will cause the seamonster to sink back
into the depths from whence it came.

Seamonster attacks can have various effects, including:
 - Damage to the sails of the ship.
 - Damage to the hull of the ship.
 - Damage to the health of players on the ship.
 - Set rooms on the ship on fire.
 - Tangle the sails of the ship (CLEAR RIGGING to clear it).
 - Tangle a weapon on the ship (CLEAR <weapon> to clear it).
 - Disrupt usage of the figurehead (CLEAR FIGUREHEAD to clear it).

Ship Ammo
Different ammo types will have different effects on seamonsters:

 - Ballista darts and war discs do damage to seamonsters.
 - Chainshot slows a seamonster's movement speed for a short time.
 - Starshot slows the seamonster's attack speed for a short time.
 - Flares prevent a seamonster from moving for a very short time.
 - Spidershot will decrease the damage of the next attack of a seamonster.

Seamonster Rewards
All crewmembers of the killing ship who fired a weapon at the seamonster,
performed a navigational command, or invoked a useful seaspell will earn
experience when a seamonster is slain. Denizen crewmembers will receive
experience and increased morale. A portion of the ammo used against the
seamonster will be retrieved from the corpse and placed on the ship's deck.

Additionally, a trophy will be retrieved from the seamonster's corpse and
placed on the deck of the killing ship. The trophy can be handed in to Casov,
the mariner, in Sea Lion Cove for a substantial gold reward. The trophy will
decay, so it is best to keep an eye on it to make sure that you can take
advantage of the fruits of your labour.