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9.36.1 Rune List


Being a partial list of the runes you may encounter in Achaea:

 Rune Name  INKS  Goes on  Effect                       Appearance

 Jera       1 P   person   +1 str and Con               oak
 Algiz      1 Gr  person   damage protection            elk
 Berkana    3 Y   person   health regeneration          lion
 Lagul      1 P   weapon   bleeding                     dirk
 Lagua      1 P   weapon   improved damage vs trauma    large hammer
                           chance to bypass rebounding
 Laguz      1 P   weapon   improved limb damage         long slim blade
 Gebu       1 Go  armour   improved vs. blunt           shield
 Gebo       1 Go  armour   improved vs. cutting         chain

(INKS: P = Purple, Go = Gold, Y = Yellow, Gr = Green)