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4.99 Retiring your character

You can permanently retire your character(s) in Achaea and receive credits to
use on a NEW character. This character may be in Achaea, Aetolia, Imperian,
Lusternia, or Starmourn. These credits will become available to use on any NEW
character that is less than 30 days old*.

Retiring a character will make them permanently unplayable. We will NEVER
reverse a retired character. Please do not ask. It will not happen.


- Retiring a character will permanently lock them. You will NO LONGER be able
  to access them. EVER!

- Recipient characters must be LESS than 30 days old.

- No one will reverse a retirement once it has been completed. Be sure you
  really want to retire your character, there's no going back.

- Attempting to "sell" your characters is strictly forbidden. This will result
  in the forfeiture of both the retired character, any retirement credits, and
  any character who has accessed those credits.
1. Your character must have at least 1000cr in lessons, credits, and artefacts.

2. Your character must be registered to a valid email address for confirmation

3. Your new character must be less than 30 days old.

4. All characters must be registered to the SAME email address.

How to Retire
1. Enter the command RETIRE CHARACTER. This will send a confirmation email to
   the address in your registration.
2. Click on the link in the confirmation email. This link will be active for 48
   hours, after which the process will be considered invalid if the link is not

3. Wait 24 hours.

4. Log your character into Achaea and enter the command RETIRE CHARACTER CONFIRM. This will send another email to confirm. 
5. Click on the link in this second confirmation email.

6. This will notify the administration that you are seeking to retire your
   character. This is not an automated system and each retirement will be
   manually reviewed and approved.
7. If the admin approve the retirement, your character will be permanently
   locked and your credits will be available to any new character, less than 30
   days old, registered to the same email account. See below for the transfer
 This will begin the retirement process and send an email to your registered
 address for confirmation.

 This command will confirm that you desire to retire your character. It can
 only be used 24 hours after beginning your character's retirement process. 
 It will also send an email to your registered address for confirmation.

 This will display the amount of credits you will receive for retiring this
 character. Keep in mind, you will only receive a fraction of the credit value
 you have purchased on your retiring character. This is in the realm of about
 50% of current character skills, credits, and artefacts. This does not include
 credits, lessons, items purchased via auction, and artefacts received from 
 the game for free (such as  levelling up, login promotions, and other in-game
 happenings). No-brainer packages also do not count towards this total.
 The number of credits available to your registration account.

 Transfer the credits from your account to a new character that is less than 30
 days old on ANY Iron Realms game. You CANNOT transfer credits to a character
 that is more than 30 days old. No exceptions will be made.

Character Selling
We're repeating this section to reinforce this point: You cannot transfer
credits to other people or characters that do not belong to you. If we suspect
this, we will permanently shrub and ban any accounts involved. This program is
for your personal use only.