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2.12 Reflexes, Combinations, and Keybindings


Reflexes are a tender topic - how to arrange things so that you will react more
or less automatically in given circumstances. That's about as far as you can go
in discussing such things in polite, public company!

Anything beyond that has to be, by its very nature, OOC - Out of Character. In
a HELP scroll like this we can, but please, don't go talking about clients, and
setting up triggers, and things like that in any public way in Achaea.

A reflex, sometimes also called a trigger, is set up to, say, re-wear your pack
if you take it off (for anti-theft) or to stand when you fall or sit, etc. This
is always and only a client function, whatever client you may be using, from
our own free client (reached by clicking "Play Now" from the Achaea web site),
to Zmud, to Portal, to Gmud, to Wintin++, to Mushclient, to TinyFugue, and any
others you may find (for a larger list, see HELP CLIENTS).

Combinations and Keybindings
Combinations, usually a term used by monks, are slightly different things from
reflexes. In combinations, you simply want to perform a series of acts in
sequence, which may mean you want to redefine what a command does (say, you
enter UUS, but what happens is that you issue a UCP, UCP, SDK in series at your
current target).

This may be a case where ALIASES will be of use. Aliases can help you set up
targets and variations on commands. See HELP ALIASES.

Otherwise, it's likely to be a client topic again, in which case you'll want to
refer to the specific help information for your client.

For Keybindings, depending on precisely what you mean, this is likely a client
function as well.