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9.83 Psionics

The most ancient of powers given to the Aldar in the moment of their formation
by Ayar, beyond even the innumerable other natural advantages of their race, 
was their strength in will and mind. This manifested itself in vast psionic and
telepathic might, an ability wielded with unfathomable ease as they imposed 
their thought upon themselves and upon the world around them. With the centuries
of peace during which these arts were mastered, coupled to their functionally
unchallenged rule of Creation below the Pantheon itself, offensive techniques
within Psionics never saw true progress beyond the simple, rendering them almost
unrefined by the measure of modern telepaths. Yet it was never their offensive
powers that made this lost art so mighty in the hands of the Firstborn.
A practitioner of Psionics is the absolute master of his or her body and of the
world beyond, exerting such perfect control of muscle, skin, and cell that many
of the mental constraints binding mere mortals can be circumvented or even
bypassed entirely. Be it the expulsion of mental interference or the forging of
psionic projections, where the Will of the Psion exists, they will assuredly
always find a Way.
Yet even these magnificent - and dangerous - arts paled before the crowning glory
of Aldar mental might: the ability to turn the full presence of their minds to
contemplation and comprehension of the fabric of time itself, manifesting as
inevitable prophecy. Though no mortal lives or ever will live who could approach
the Aldar mastery of this psionic pinnacle, the briefest glimpses of possible
futures woven into present fact may await those who wholly devote themselves to
its study. For on the battlefields of Sapience and beyond, that brief second of
forethought, the hint to the enemy's next move, becomes the difference between
life and death.