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5.22 Poses

Poses are a way to set a custom message for people to see when they 'look' at
the room you're in.

  POSE Looking shifty, ^ is loitering here.
  TPOSE Looking shifty, ^ is loitering here.
  UNPOSE or POSE CLEAR to clear your pose.

  * The ^ will substitute your name (with titles).
  * A pose must include your name, so must include a ^ somewhere.
  * TPOSE will set a temporary pose that will be cleared when you move.
  * Poses can't be longer than 60 characters.
  * Poses must be complete sentences.
  * No offensive poses. If you think your pose might be offensive, don't use
  * You won't be able to use poses until level 50.
  * Use common sense. No poses indicating powers your character doesn't have.
    If the game doesn't recognise your character as controlling lightbeams that
    circle your body, or vampires following you around, or that you glow with
    fiery power, you're not to put them in your pose. Anyone found repeatedly
    abusing this will be deprived of their power to set custom poses.
  * Do not use poses to obscure your presence in a room or otherwise mislead