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7.23.2 Placing furniture


** warning: this is not about how to put furniture in a room, or locate it somewhere, or drop it. To drop furniture into a location, please refer to HELP FURNISHING.

Some limited combinations of furniture pieces may be placed near each other to make more pleasing arrangements. Just PLACE your item near some other item, or near NOTHING, and you're off and running!

Who may place
For personal furniture, in a private home, the owner only may place.
For organisational furniture -
 - houses: house leader only.
 - cities: officeholders.
 - orders: those who have privilege to erect shrines.

PLACE <furnitureitem> NEAR <otherfurnitureitem>
PLACE <furnitureitem> NEAR NOTHING

You may place as many items as you want near a single other item. So A and B and C and D can all be placed near Z.

To clear a placement, just PLACE item NEAR NOTHING.

Only some combinations are currently defined, as listed below. For example, when you place a table near a tapestry, it will appear to be 'sitting beneath' that tapestry. Or when a table is placed near a rug, then it will appear to be 'sitting upon' that rug.

    Placing         appears as           Near
    --------------  -------------------  --------------
    ottoman         sitting in front of  chair
    ottoman         sitting in front of  couch
    ottoman         sitting before       throne

    bench           sitting behind       desk
    chair           sitting behind       desk
    stool           sitting behind       desk
    rocker          sitting behind       desk

    bench           sitting close by     couch
    chair           sitting close by     couch
    rocker          sitting close by     couch
    stool           sitting close by     couch
    table           sitting near         couch

    bench           sitting beneath      tapestry
    chair           sitting beneath      tapestry
    rocker          sitting beneath      tapestry
    stool           sitting beneath      tapestry
    table           sitting beneath      tapestry
    throne          sitting beneath      tapestry

    sheets          spread out on        **non-material
    blanket         spread out on        **non-material
    runner          spread out on        **non-material

    basket          sitting beside       armoire
    basket          sitting beside       cabinet 
    basket          sitting beside       couch
    basket          sitting beside       chest
    basket          sitting beside       desk
    basket          sitting beside       dresser
    basket          sitting beside       table

    **non-material  sitting upon         rug
(** non-material means anything but rug/sheets/blanket/tapestry/runner)