Achaea Help Files

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Mighty hammer in hand, the Divine Smith labours over His forge,
tirelessly working to grant shape and purpose to the raw substances of
the cosmos. At the dawn of Creation, Phaestus aided Proteus in
crafting the innumerable planets and in sculpting the beings that
would dwell within their myriad landscapes. Together, They touched on
the secret of consciousness, and laid the foundations for life as we
know it. Earnest and indefatigable in all He espouses, Phaestus gifted
mortals with the knowledge and ability to create for themselves using
the resources that surround them. From Him flows the inspiration to
build, to sew, to forge, to master the natural world and reform it to
one's will. Works of ingenuity, innovation, and industry please Him,
and through their thoughtful execution He is emulated and honoured.

Phaestus's most prized creation is the dwarven race, which He loves
and protects with the unshakable devotion of a father. Having pledged
His loyalty to Proteus in return for free will for His beloved
children, He shows no tolerance for those who would turn their backs
on their oaths. He openly disdains sloth and wanton destruction, as
these things stand in direct opposition of all that He embodies. While
stern and demanding, His manner is easy and amiable with those who
devote themselves to meaningful pursuits, and His humorous side is
quick to show itself over a flagon of fine ale. Particularly
worshipped by craftsmen, artisans, and honest labourers of all
professions, His chosen unite in endeavouring to improve the lives of
those around them through their talents, and in spreading His word
through the protection and preservation of all He holds dear.