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The God Pandemonium was slain in battle in 611 AF by Keresis, Goddess of

Progeny of War and Chaos, the Lord of Strife was twin brother to Pandora,
Goddess of Mischief. Ravaged of His essence in slumbering infancy through a
twisted scheme of the western isle, Pandemonium harboured an eternal grudge
against the Demon Queen, vowing to reclaim what was stolen from Him.

Known for His wild caprice, volatile manner, and the reckless delight He took
in the follies of mortalkind, Pandemonium rejoiced in turning men against their
kin, fracturing allegiances, and bringing civilisations to disorder, war, and
ruin. His actions to spread havoc and discord through the world and beyond were
both overt and insidious; cloak and dagger alike were tools of the Smiling God.
A patron to brigands and lords alike, Pandemonium bade His worshippers go where
they were unwelcome and leave turmoil in their wake.