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2.2.2 Newbie attacks - for younger adventurers

As a younger adventurer, even if you have not yet joined a house or entered a
class, you have three basic Brawling attacks:


By simply doing KICK RAT, for instance, you will attack once. When you recover
balance (HELP BALANCE), you can punch, kick, or headslam again.

You could also use a shortsword by WIELDing it then SLASHing your target.
Generally however, it is more effective to use your Brawling skills.

There are plenty of other attacks, all specific to your class, and generally
quite a bit more effective than the newbie attacks. 

You may use the KILL command, which will automatically select the best attack
to use for you! For example: If you are a new magi, the KILL command would
select the FIRELASH ability.

Ask others of your class for more details on these attacks.

Perhaps the most important lesson that you can learn early on is not to just
stand there and let yourself be killed. If you are fighting a kobold, for
instance, and the kobold has beaten you nearly to death, run away, or heal.

All too often we see newbies, seemingly frozen with fear, as something pummels
them to death. All you have to do is simply move. Most things will not follow
you (there are exceptions of course, but you won't be encountering them until
you are bigger).

It should also be noted that adventurers under level 11 will be unable to
attack other adventurers.

In order to fight more efficiently, you will want to get some healing herbs,
potions, elixirs, minerals, and the like. For instance, the health elixir will replenish some health when you drink it. Irid moss will replenish both health and mana when you eat it.