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24.3 Mining camps and strongholds

Mining camps are scattered throughout Sapience, these will have a stronghold
and one or more mineable lodes within a 6 room radius. These camps, via the
stronghold within, are able to be assaulted and captured by rival miners (See:

Having control of a stronghold will grant the controlling adventurer a bonus of
5% of the claimed commodities mine within its confines. The controller of the
stronghold will be able to claim these raw commodities via CLAIM STORAGE while
in the camp. This will cost 1500 gold to complete. 

Known mining camp locations
Amid the vast Mhojave                  :  Mhojave Desert
Hillside near a lake                   :  Dakhota Hills
Northern Shamtota nearing Pachacacha   :  Shamtota Hills
Along the southern rim of Pash Valley  :  Pash Valley
Valley in the shadow of Dun mountain   :  Vashnar Mountains
Scrubby slope of Siroccian mountains   :  Siroccian Mountains
The base of the descent into Dun Valley:  Dun Valley
Pathway between steep hills            :  Granite Hills
Through the rolling hills              :  Granite Hills
Among some small mountains             :  Southern Vashnars
Into the mountains                     :  Southern Vashnars
Ice Plains                             :  Frozen Tundra
Broad overlook above the fissure       :  Fissure of Echoes

While in a mining camp, you can SURVEY REGION <raw commodity>

This action costs 100 gold.

You will also PROSPECT from a mining camp:

PROSPECT HIRE [COMM] - while at a mining camp.
    Said camp will then send out a crew which will look around the area for lodes for you:
    This costs five thousand gold and takes fifteen minutes for a general search, and has a cooldown of one hour.
    This costs fifteen hundred gold and takes five minutes for a specific commodity search, and carries a cooldown of twenty minutes.

After your crew returns, you'll receive reports PROSPECT REPORTS of all commodities that were found. These reports become invalid as lodes get built on.

If you have a report, lodes for that room will now show up on look. You can PROSPECT HERE in a room you hold a report for (or that has a mine) to see the old information that prospect conveyed. This should cover all cases where this is needed.

You can PROSPECT YIELD <report number> TO <other player> in your room. This will give them that specific report, so you can still collaborate in order to claim mines.

You will need a report to know where a lode is to build a mine upon it.