Achaea Help Files

Achaea has hundreds of help files to you learn about Achaea. This is a copy of the in-game help file structure. HELP in-game will show you this same menu.


Every adventurer in Achaea can send and receive messages. These are not quite
like letters, which you must purchase, write on, and have delivered for a fee.
They are not quite like tells, which require that the other person be active in
the realms.

Quick Summary
 MSG [WRITE [TO]] <who> <message>     - send a message.
 MSG COUNT                            - tells you how many messages you have.
 MSG DELETE #                         - delete message by number.
 MSG DELETE DECAYS [CONFIRM]          - decay, favour end, grace end,
                                        rune fading, indemnification,
                                        clan head, empowerment fade,
                                        & credit sale sys msgs.
 MSG DELETE RANGE first TO last       - delete range of messages.
 MSG EMPTY <folder>                   - delete all messages in folder.
 MSG FOLDER CREATE <folder>           - create a new folder.
 MSG FOLDER LIST                      - list your folders.
 MSG FOLDER DELETE <folder> [CONFIRM] - delete existing folder.
                                      - WARNING - does delete preserved too.
 MSG FORWARD # [TO] <who>             - forward a message to someone else.
 MSG FOLDER RENAME <folder> [TO] <name>  - rename existing folder.
 MSG FOLDER PRESERVE <folder>         - preserve all msgs in folder.
 MSG FOLDER UNPRESERVE <folder>       - unpreserve all msgs in folder.
 MSG LAST                             - tells you what your last message is.
 MSG LIST [*|<folder>] [start] [FULL] - list msgs (in folder, *=anywhere).
 MSG LIST PRESERVE[D]  [start] [FULL] - list msgs (in folder, *=anywhere).
 MSG LIST UNREAD [start] [FULL]       - list unread msgs.
 MSG MOVE # [TO] <folder>             - move a message to a folder.
 MSG MOVE FROM <sender> [TO] <folder> - move a message to a folder.
 MSG PRESERVE[D] [LIST] [#]           - list, count, or add preserved msgs.
                                      - (preserved msgs will not decay).
 MSG READ #                           - read a message by number.
 MSG AGAIN|NEXT|PREV[IOUS]            - read again, next, or prev. msg.
 MSG RENUMBER                         - renumber all your messages from 1.
 MSG REPLY <message>                  - reply to last read message.
 MSG SEARCH <terms>                   - search all messages.
 MSG SEARCH FROM <person> [start]     - find all messages from person.
 MSG SUMMARY                          - list folders and message counts.
 MSG UNPRESERVE #                     - unpreserve a msgs.

 CMSG <folder>                        - Same as MSG EMPTY folder.
 DELMSG ALL                           - delete all messages, bar folders.
 DM|DELMSG [#]                        - delete last read message, or by #.
 MSGS|MESSAGES                        - same as MSG LIST.
 RL                                   - same as MSG PREVIOUS.
 RM|READMSG                           - same as MSG NEXT.
 RM 0|-1                              - same as MSG AGAIN, MSG PREVIOUS.

 MSG DUMP AS <who>                    - more detailed than summary.
 ** most commands may have an AS <person> added to the end.
    - dump, list, read, search, summary.

Reading:  MSG READ #
          RL           (reads the msg before the one you just read)
          MSG READPREV (same)
          MSG READNEXT (reads the msg after the one you just read)
          MSG READAGAIN (re-reads the msg you just read)
Sending:  MSG <to> <yourmessage>, or MSG WRITE [TO] <to> <yourmessage>
          Examples: MSG Maya Greetings, O Mother!
                    MSG WRITE TO Maya Greetings, O Mother!

Deleting: MSG DELETE #, or DM #, or DM (deletes the last msg you read).
          CMSG <folder> (deletes all messages in a folder. Irreversible!)
          Examples: DM 4 (deletes message 4)
                    CMSG inbox (deletes all messages in your inbox)

Folders:  MSG FOLDER LIST (to see a summary by folders) or MSG SUMMARY.

Searching: MSG SEARCH book (find all messages with the word 'book' in them).

Sent Folder
Everyone has a permanent sent folder where copies of your sent msgs go. You can interact with it as with other folders, such as MSG LIST SENT, but you can't rename the folder or delete it.

Messages over a certain age (currently about 85 Achaean months) that
are not PRESERVED will decay naturally over time and go away.

You can preserve up to 1,000 messages (as of this writing).
We'd be happy if you were to preserve far fewer!

Preserved messages are protected from most forms of deletion, 
even by yourself, except MSG FOLDER DELETE (that wipes out
all messages in a folder, preserved or not).

To be on the safe side, only preserve what you need to, and
don't just go deleting everything in the hope that maybe
the preserved ones will survive! Preserving is for keeping
a few really important messages around.

Related Commands
   - This allows you to set an answering message that adventurers will see
     whenever they send you a message.

If you receive a message while you are not active in the realms, you will be
notified when you next return.