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9.86 Memorium

There are few mediums as potent in the working of sorcery as blood, be it one's
own or an enemy's.
The practitioner of Memorium understands and accepts this. Wielding 
desert-forged blade in one hand and arcane might in the other, the Pariah needs
no weapon besides blood and will to see their ends achieved. With sanguine ink
and air as canvas, they carve their inevitable decrees into the world, one 
corpse at a time.
The practitioner of this skill learns to trace the ancient logographs of the
desert tribes, each imbued with singular purpose and empowered by the medium
through which it is brought to life. The very beating of your foe's heart shall
beat the march of their demise, and drop by drop the sands shall drink of their
final days.