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17.7.3 Mayaween

(See also: HELP VAULT)

Mayaween is a Sapience-wide event that occurs once during every cycle of the
Dance of the Vault. As a result of this cyclical convergence of constellations, 
the very fabric of reality shifts to allow the ghostly denizens of the Spirit 
Realm to enter our world, with eerie and spooky consequences.

Over the Mayaween period, adventurers can be seen walking the highways,
cities, forests, and villages of Sapience, dressed as famous personalities
from Achaean lore, divine and denizen alike! Various items are also known to
appear in Makesh's shop in New Thera, from spooky decorations and candies to a
wide range of costumes for adventurers to purchase.

Other strange happenings rumoured to occur during Mayaween are the appearances
of the Griesly family manor, a ghostly ship that travels from port to port along 
Sapience's coast, and the haunted ruins of old Thera.


In the very depths of Griesly Manor can be found the fighting pit, overseen by
Ermintrude Goree, an exchange student now staying with the Griesly family!

When in her presence check BRAWLER LIST to see the monsters ready to fight and
then use your racetrack tickets to: 


There are no prizes for placing, winner takes all.
There is no way to change a bet once placed!