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19.4.3 Mayan Crowns

Special artefacts are purchased with something called Mayan Crowns. These were
introduced in 476 AF as part of a customer appreciation month. These Mayan
Crowns can be used in a special Shop of Wonders located in Delos. These items
are unique wares and cannot be obtained in any other way than using Mayan
Crowns. These items may become unavailable at times as well.

Mayan Crowns are originally only available via the tiered credit sale. During
such tiered credit sales CREDITSALE will show what tier you are currently on.
They can also be obtained as prizes during various events and world games. 

Transferring Mayan Crowns

To transfer Mayan crowns, the command is CROWN TRANSFER <x> TO <person> FOR <y>
GOLD. You may put 0 as the gold value. If there is a non-zero gold value, the
person you are transferring to must be in the realms and have the gold in their
inventory. They must AGREE to complete the transfer. Crown scams are forbidden.

You may transfer Mayan crowns that are automatically gained via the tiered
credit sale to anyone: your own alternate characters, or to others. If
transferring to an alternate character, use FOR 0 GOLD so that the alternate
character does not have to be in the realms (else, that would be multiplaying -
verboten!) Once they are used to purchase an item from the Shop of Wonders,
however, that item is bound to the character that purchased them. We will not
honour requests to transfer the items to other characters. They have no
trade-in credit value and cannot be refunded.

If you obtained Mayan crowns via in-game means (i.e. had them gifted or sold to
you from someone else), you can transfer the crowns freely to others but NOT to
any of your own alternate characters, as that would constitute seconds abuse.

You cannot transfer bound Mayan crowns. You may receive bound Mayan crowns from
some promotions.

Gifting items from the Shop of Wonders

To purchase an item as a gift for another character, use this syntax: BUY
<item> AS GIFT FOR <person> [MAIL]. If you include 'MAIL' at the end, it will
be delivered via the postal service.