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11.8.18 Maya, the Great Mother

The year 395 A.F. marked the conclusion of one epoch and the birth of another.
Sarapis, the Logos, who had overseen all Creation since the beginning of Time
itself, merged Makali, the Goddess of Destruction, and Maya, the Mother of
Humanity, into one being: Maya, the Great Mother. Imbuing the new Goddess with
His own power, He passed on to Her the mantle of Supreme Creator of Achaea.

In 611 A.F., Maya sacrificed Her divinity to raise hundreds of mortals as
demigods in hopes of defeating Bal'met, the Worldreaver. The feat was a
success, and in the aftermath, Maya relinquished Her waning immortality to
return to Her beginnings as an Aldar, departing to an unknown place to lead a
mortal life.

Her favoured animal was the Great Grey Owl, and it is said that She sometimes
appeared in its form, seeing through its eyes.