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"Mine shall be those whose minds are keen blades, who hunger for knowledge, who
appreciate the clouding folly of emotional reaction, and who realise the
liability that comes with such a trust."

The Elder Goddess Lorielan is known to the world as the Jade Empress. She
patrons both Knowledge and Order, for it is only through the former that the
latter can be perfected. Her attitude is often one of aloofness and apathy,
especially toward those with dissimilar ideals.

Lorielan cares not for material items, mortal vows, or the petty bickering of the
mortal races. To gain the Lady's notice, one must display both intelligence and
a calculating mind free of the murky influences of emotion and the petty
moralities of frail flesh. 

Ignorance is the opposition, criticism is your sword; apply it wisely and you
will gain understanding.