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19.24.17 Logosmas Talisman Set

The "Logosmas" talisman set:
Talismans and pieces from this set can be obtained in the following ways:
- Promotions. This will always be announced via the relevant news when the pieces are currently available.
- Trading between players (pieces only)

The Logosmas set contains the following talismans:
A reuseable snowball                - TALISMAN INFO SNOWBALL
   - Priced at 50 credits
   - This snowball will return to you when thrown no matter how many times you hurl it at your hapless friends or foes.

A steaming kettle of halfnog        - TALISMAN INFO HALFNOG
   - Priced at 150 credits
   - This kettle of halfnog shall refill with a brew to make even the most avid drinker lose their sobriety!

A popcorn garland                   - TALISMAN INFO POPCORNGARLAND
   - Priced at 300 credits
   - HANG this garland in a room with trees or similar and attempts to swing up will be blocked by the garland. 
   - Each attempt pops off some popcorn and once none is left the garland will disperse for an hour.
   - This will block around three to five attempts on average.

Some sticky taffy                   - TALISMAN INFO TAFFY
   - Priced at 450 credits
   - Drop this taffy in a location and the next person (including you!) to walk in will have it stick to their feet. 
   - This reduces any celerity bonuses they may have by two rooms and lasts 30 seconds. 
   - It will reset to you an hour after being activated.

A snowglobe of the Iron Alehouse    - TALISMAN INFO SNOWGLOBE
   - Priced at 600 credits
   - During winter afflictions conveyed through your battlerage have a chance to last an additional second while you possess this globe.

A red and gold scarf                - TALISMAN INFO LOGOSMASSCARF
   - Priced at 900 credits
   - This talisman conveys a minor reduction to the chance you will be disrupted when afflicted with the shivering affliction.

A bulging sack of snowflakes        - TALISMAN INFO SNOWSACK
   - Priced at 1200 credits
   - OPEN this sack in a direction and it will raise icewalls in line of sight for up to five rooms.
   - Can only be used once every five minutes and only against bidirectional exits.

A garnished Logosmas gifttag        - TALISMAN INFO GIFTTAG
   - Priced at 1600 credits
   - ATTACH GIFTTAG TO <target> and so long as they remain outdoors, in good health, and on the Sapience mainland they will be hoisted away ten seconds later to one of a random set of locations.
   - Any form of entanglement will block this process from completing, and room hinders apply their effects as normal.
   - This tag can be used once every thirty minutes and there is a five minute cooldown on a room when a tag is used.
   - In addition, someone may REJECT GIFT if there is someone else in their location and they do so before the half way mark of the timer, and the tag will leap to a random person in the room!