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7.7 KEYS

A key is used to open locks on doors, chests, or other lockable things. Keys
are able to open up to six different locks but generally only a God is able to
set which locks a particular key can open.

Using a Key
If you have the right key, then you can lock or unlock whatever it works on.
There's nothing special to do to 'use' a key.

Ashtan    - Schliemann the Unlocker.
Cyrene    - Dalphon, the Clockworker.
Delos     - Eltrik, the locksmith.
Eleusis   - Iuchair, Eleusian Locksmith.
Hashan    - Zaertum, the Locksmith.
Mhaldor   - Mordas, the Locksplitter.
Targossas - Barkash, the Locksmith.

Getting Keys Copied
If you have a key and it has your mark on it, you will be able to take it to a
locksmith, and ask him to copy it for you.

If you have a key with your mark on it, then go to a locksmith and:
COPY <key number> FOR <person>

Attempting to copy a key that does not have your mark on it could have
unpleasant consequences.

The following can only be offered to the official owners of the shops in question.

Lock Change
With 10,000 gold in hand at the appropriate unlocker's location:(*)

Replacement Key
With 5,000 gold in hand at the appropriate unlocker's location:(*)
REQUEST KEY FOR <shopname>

Key Copying
With 300 gold in hand as well as the key you wish copied:
COPY <key> FOR <adventurer> 

The key you wish to have copied must bear your mark.

* NOTE: For a lock change or a replacement key, you will need to know the name
of the shop. This can be found via CITY SHOP INFO when stood in the shop.

No kind of furniture (see HELP FURNITURE) may have locks, nor be lockable.