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2.14 Item Shortnames

Sometimes, there's not an easy way to specify which item you're trying to manipulate, and managing item IDs can be a hassle, especially in high-pressure situations such as combat, or high-volume situations like shopping. To help combat this, and to lower the scripting burden, we've added some shortnames, or item identifiers, so that certain items can be more easily managed. Shortnames can be used in most instances where you would otherwise use an item's name or id, including probing, attacking, checking inventories, and the like.

Shortnames are as follows:

      - Person's corpse.

      - Person's decapitated head.

      - A vodun doll or jester puppet of Person.

      - An item with a particular enchantment.

      - Scrolls with a particular enchantment.

      - A stencil of a particular tattoo.

      - An urn mount that belongs to Person.

      - A serpent's snake that belongs to Person.

      - A knight's falcon that belongs to Person.

For example, one could "point ench/firelash" to point a firelash ring, or "get corpse/Santar" to pick up Santar's corpse.

NB: When using these identifiers in aliases, forwardslashes are used to denote multicommand aliases, so you will want to use two slashes instead of one. E.g. "setalias drophead drop head//mezghar".