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7.26 Hunting

Hunting the denizens of Achaea is one of the primary methods by which an
adventurer can gain experience and gold. The key to hunting effectively is to
find the most powerful denizens that you can safely kill, as those more
powerful denizens are worth more experience and have a chance to drop greater
quantities of gold.

Finding Appropriate Denizens
Vast hordes of denizens populate the world of Achaea. Most areas will contain
groups of denizens that share a common level range, allowing you to spend time
in a small area killing groups of denizens with similar difficulty. 

Adventurers can use the AREAS command to get a list of areas that might be
suitable for them to continue their advancement. The CONSIDER command can be 
extremely helpful in determining the relative strength of a denizen, as well 
as giving you information about the current health level of the denizen. 
HELP CONSIDER has more information about using the command to view information
about denizens.

Denizens Fight Back
While you are attacking your chosen target, in almost all circumstances the
denizen will be hitting you in return. The denizens in Achaea use a series of
varied attacks which can range from damage to your health to various
debilitating afflictions. Make sure to come prepared with elixirs to heal you
and curatives to remove the afflictions. Read HELP CURES and HELP HEAL for more

Some denizens are considered to be berserkers and will attack you as soon as
you enter their rooms.

Some groups of denizens will share loyalty with a common leader. In those
situations, when you strike one of the loyal denizens, all other denizens in
the room that share the same loyalty will also attack you in retaliation.

As you are involved in combat with a denizen, the more you hit the denizen and
take certain actions (like healing other adventurers), the more angry the
denizen will become with you. The denizens use this anger level to determine
who they will hit when they attack. If you are the only adventurer involved in
combat with the denizen, then the denizen will have no choice but to strike
you. If you are attacking the denizen in a group with other adventurers. the
denizen will strike the target who has made the denizen the most angry. In most
cases, this will be the adventurer who has done the most damage.

Hunting in a Group
Hunting with other adventurers is frequently more efficient than hunting on
your own, particularly when the group is able to tackle stronger denizens than
you might be able to handle by yourself. When you are in a group with other
adventurers, the experience rewards from the death of a denizen will be
distributed amongst all of the members of the group. Higher-leveled adventurers
in the group will receive a greater share of the experience than lower-leveled
adventurers, but the overall pool of experience distributed will be higher than
if you had been hunting alone. Read HELP GROUPS for more information about
forming groups of