Achaea Help Files

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Movement through House and City ranks is handled by:
These commands will move the member by a whole rank.

House and city favours will no longer convey a rank increase, but now exist as
a way to recognise the achievements of your members. 

All favours will now be visible to all members with:

Leaders of these organisations can now specify a credit amount to be awarded
to favour recipients. This can be anywhere from 0 - 50 bound credits from the
city's coffers. 
   HOUSE|CITY FAVOURCREDITS to see and set this.

PROMOTE/DEMOTE only works for members who are lower in rank than the person.
This does not apply to the leader of the organisation.

Access to these commands is given via an investable power in houses and by rank
six (or city leader) in cities.

Favours and promotions should be used to reward exemplary behavior on the part of a House member, and should not be used merely for the sake of raising
someone's House Rank. These are rewards, not rights.

Likewise, disfavours and demotions should be used only to punish actions that
bring disrepute to the House. Simply being disfavoured is not considered a
sufficient reason for disfavouring the person who did it to you, unless,
perhaps that person did it for truly insufficient reason.

See also: HELP 8