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12.4.2 Highways and Roads

The highways of Sapience, consisting of the Prelatorian Highway and the Raphaelan Highway, once extended from the city of Ashtan in the northwest to the remnants of the fallen city of Shallam in the southeast. Built by the Church, they are a great boon to mortalkind, for they make travelling the wilderness of Achaea much faster and easier.

It was Raphael, the greatest Archprelate of the Church, who ordered the construction of these wonders of the modern world, and we are all in debt to him for his foresight and wisdom.

Other major byways of the continent include the Southern Road, which passes along the southern edge of the Mhojave Desert, and the North Road, which follows the northern boundary of the Ithmian forests and terminates at the cliffs near Tasur'ke.