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11.8.11 Hermes, the Messenger

The God Hermes was slain on Krenindala in 610 AF by Bal'met, the Worldreaver.

The Messenger was an ever-youthful deity who began His existence as a Celani.
Long ago, He risked all in an audacious bet against Raclawice, the Elder
Goddess who was the patron of Rogues and Wanderers. Winning the bet, He
gained her godhood and took over her realm. Hermes held true to the realm
which He won, and was the patron of rogues, wanderers, and those who seek
or are graced with Luck.

The arcane symbol of Hermes, the Messenger, was the Caduceus, His heraldic
staff. Two serpents intertwine around its length, their heads facing each
other at the top which is adorned with a pair of wings. His more public
symbol was a golden playing card: the Ace of Spades.