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12.3.2 Hashan, Court of Shadows

Built upon a wellspring of latent power, the city of Hashan has grown from
humble beginnings and persevered through centuries of adversity to produce a
fiercely independent and tenacious people. A city of secrets and sages, of
mystics and mystery, Hashan is led by the Seneschal and council of Regents,
leaders in the intricate dance of politics and power that comprises the Court
of Shadows.

A deeply seated curiosity is inherent to the people of Hashan, who, through
relentless study and experimentation, seek to master the metaphysical forces
that constitute our existence, unravel the mysteries of the multiverse, and lay
bare the secrets that divide mortalkind. They are dismissive of religious
zealotry and the moral constraints mortalkind has traditionally placed upon
itself, supporting the idea that the ends justify the means. Hashan's citizens
are quick to embrace new ideas, fearlessly marching into the future without
looking back.