Achaea Help Files

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The majority of abilities use either balance or equilibrium, which represent
physical balance and mental equilibrium.

By physical balance, we mean that after doing certain physical things, like
swinging a sword, you must recover your balance before doing something like
that again.

For example, if you throw a punch at someone, you must recover your balance
before throwing another punch, or before kicking, or swinging a sword.

Some abilities use other forms of balance as well, such as balance for each
specific limb, or balance related to sipping vials, apply salves, or even using
your voice!

Equilibrium applies mostly to mental activities, but is otherwise quite similar
to balance.

If you were to cast a fireball, or use a mental ability, your mind will
temporarily reel from the strain. You must wait to recover before conducting
another such act again.

In most cases, not having balance prevents you from using an ability that
requires equilibrium, and vice versa. There are many exceptions to this rule
which you must discover for yourself.

The time it takes to recover is generally from 2 to 5 seconds, depending on the
ability, and taking into account some racial variations and certain powerful
artefacts. Some very powerful abilities take longer.

In order to know when you have balance and equilibrium, many players find the
command CONFIG PROMPT STATS very helpful. HELP PROMPT will tell you more about

Sometimes, you might lose equilibrium for longer than you should. In this
instance, you should CONCENTRATE to regain your equilibrium. HELP CONCENTRATE
will tell you more about this.