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12.6.5 Enverren Marsh & the Caverns of Chiada

Deep within the forbidding marsh to the west of Manusha, the gypsy village
off the Eastern Road, lies Castle Enverren. The reclusive nobles Lady and
Lord Enverren reside within the castle, delving into the mysteries of
elemental fire magic. Strange, lizardlike creatures called salamandrins
attend them. A locked glass tower in the castle conceals a mystery. 

Beneath the marsh, a series of water-filled caverns are home to an amphibian
race called Glubbians, who worship a beautiful and powerful enchantress from
Riparium, Chiada the Nixie. Beware the witch in the dungeons, and
adventurers who seek to explore the caverns of Chiada would do well to bring
the plant known as prickly pear to help them breathe beneath water.