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12.17.14 Elemental Plane of Water


Fathomless, immeasurable and deadly to the unwary, the Elemental Plane of Water
is the realm of Sllshya.


Colloquially known as "The Maw", this territory is nothing less than an
enormous whirlpool, ceaselessly churning and writhing through the deeps. Its
inhabitants are varied, ranging from soldiers of Sllshya in the form of water
elementals to great barbed creatures of the wine-dark depths. Within, the 
ever-shifting Alcazar can be found, overlooking the waters through its
countless glimmering windows.


Guarded by the mighty Cetan, the Alcazar is a grand palace without peer, ruled
over by the Queen Regent on behalf of the Fluid One, Sllshya. Its entrance
fluctuates to the whims and wills of the tides, yet can ever be found somewhere
in the churning maelstrom that is the Maw. Social standing and propriety are of
paramount importance to the palace residents, among them noble men and women
well versed in navigating the travails of the Court of the Mad.

Those joining the Plane of Water would do well to pay a visit first to Kiolak,
Head Housekeeper of the Palace, or Dionis, Head Cook, in order to begin
their duties. 

Maintaining adequate standing is essential to joining the ranks of the nobility
- and many factors determine whether or not the Alcazar elite see you as peasant
or peer.

Reaching the pinnacle of progression and claiming powers unparallelled will
require wit, humility, and resourcefulness - only the very best for the Queen.

Emissary Asahana acts as the Ambassador for Water, and can be found on the
second floor of the Elemental Embassy.