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Devotion is arguably the personal hallmark of the Bloodsworn servants and arms
the Priest and Paladin with many tools with which to fight the enemies of truth
and righteousness. Through the power of their faith a Paladin may damn the
eternal soul of their foe, while the priest enacts a holy inquisition to ensure
that the enemies of Good are duly punished for their crimes.

Devotion also offers access to the holy rites, a large group of offensive and
defensive tools that can not only offer visions of hell to their foe, pacify
the chaotic, summon forth demons and dazzling light to torment their opponent,
but can also revitalise allies, resurrect fellow believers, and swear the blood
oath to create a powerful bond.

Devotion is considered a resource and can be gained passively on a daily basis or
by immolating the corpses of the fallen in the Flame of Yggdrasil, snatching
souls from the harrowing journey to the Finality.