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15.3.4 Cross Character Accountability

(See also: HELP SECONDS)

I.  What is cross character accountability?
II. Additional notes

I. What is cross character accountability?
Cross character accountability ensures that those of you with alternative
characters (see HELP 15.3.1 for more on this) act responsibly with your
usage of them.

In practical terms, this usually means one of two things:

a) Punishment increments for out-of-character matters are applied across
   your characters. This means that you will receive higher punishments
   for breaking the same rules, regardless of what character it is. This
   can eventually lead to you having all your characters shrubbed and
   your IP banned.

b) If you create an alternative character with the sole intention of being a
   pain, you should expect to see consequences on your main/all character(s)
   played by you. Depending on the severity of your actions, this may
   include having all characters shrubbed or your IP banned.

Simply put, creating or having an alternate character is not a way for you
to escape punishments on other characters. If you are punished for violating
a policy on one character, then log on to another character and continue
behaving the same way, don't think we won't notice or do anything about it.
Likewise, creating "throwaway alts" that you use to be a nuisance because
you don't care about the consequences on those characters can have an effect
on other characters that you play.

II. Additional Notes
Many players have alternate characters and are very responsible with them.
This will not affect them. This will affect the small minority who see it
fit to abuse the privilege of multiple, separate characters. 

(See also: HELP SECONDS)