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6.38.1 City Bounties

The bounty system provides a way for cities to track and reward retribution for offences against the city.

To see current bounties, go to your city's bounty board and use the syntax:

   CITY BOUNTY INFO <bounty #>

These can be found in the following locations:
   Ashtan - Northern Parade of Zarathustra.
   Cyrene - Steps before the courthouse of Cyrene.
   Eleusis - Above the fields near a bridge.
   Hashan - A dark hallway.
   Mhaldor - Before the gates of the Baelgrim Fortress.
   Targossas - Rally point.

Claiming a bounty is open to all members of the city's army. To undertake a bounty, go to the bounty board and use the syntax:

   CITY BOUNTY CLAIM <bounty #>

Doing so informs the target that he or she has a bounty on his or her head. Similarly, this opens up the claimant to attack from the target whilst the bounty remains in effect. 

When the target is killed, you will immediately receive your reward.

Defence ministers may add bounties to the board, or cancel them, with the following syntax:

   CITY BOUNTY ADD <person> <reason> <reward amt> [GOLD|CREDITS]
   CITY BOUNTY CANCEL <bounty #>

Gold rewards are deducted from the Defence Ministry coffers, while the credits are withdrawn from a dedicated pool. 

This pool is replenished annually, and is configurable by the city leader. They may specify the size of the pool with:


Some notes about adding and cancelling bounties:
   - These are for organisational crimes only.*
   - There can be only one unclaimed bounty on a person's head at a time.
   - The maximum bounty reward is 50,000 gold, or 100 credits.
   - All bounties require a reason between 10 and 50 characters.
   - Bounties display on the city logs when added and completed.
   - Bounties last 6 Achaean months from the time they are claimed.
   - Failed bounties may not be re-filed.
   - Bounties that are close to expiration may not be cancelled and re-filed.
   - Bounty filers are responsible for the bounties filed. Do your homework.

* For the purposes of bounty filing, vivify and exterminate are considered organisational crimes.