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(See also HELP STATUS)

Adventurers in Achaea have four stats (or statistics):

Str - Strength     - relates to the physical damage you can deal out.
Dex - Dexterity    - relates to your ability to avoid getting hit in 
                     combat along with speed of performing some actions.
Con - Constitution - relates to your maximum health and endurance.
Int - Intelligence - affects your maximum mana and magical damage.

(Each of these stats may affect other things besides what is listed.)

Your Stats Now
To see your stats, SCORE (or SC). See HELP SCORE for more information.

What Determines Your Stats
Stats are primarily determined by your race. Once you have reached level 10,
you can alter the distribution of your stats somewhat by selecting a racial
specialisation (see HELP SPECIALISATION).

What Doesn't Change Your Stats
Stats do not change because you rise in age, or increase or decrease in
experience, or level, or skill.

What DOES Increase Stats
Some things may affect your stats, if only temporarily:
- A God may look upon you with Favour, or Disfavour (HELP DIVINE FAVOURS).
- An adventurer may affect your stats by use of certain abilities.
- You may acquire a powerful item via questing (HELP QUESTS).
- You may borrow or purchase an artefact of power (HELP ARTEFACTS).

(See also HELP STATUS)