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12.15.3 Bopalopia

After plumbing the depths of Minia, Lodi, and Gheladan the intrepid adventurer
may next wish to visit the Black Forest and eat one of the strange purple
mushrooms with yellow dots that grow there. Legend has it that Eris, Goddess of
Chaos, once sneezed over the Black Forest, causing these bizarre mushrooms to
grow. Once eaten, the adventurer will find him or herself in the enchanted land
of Bopalopia, where animals talk and the forests are alive with mushroom

Although some claim Bopalopia is nothing but a hallucination, many still travel
there since gold may be earned from many sources, not to mention the chance to
sharpen one's combat skills against the many strange creatures that live there.
Problem-solving, bravehearted heroes may want to try and free Princess
Lispethia from the evil clutches of Hildabroom, the Wicked Witch (while some
blackhearts may even try to help the witch). And remember, in order to return
home, you ought to seek the counsel of one of the cats wearing hats (who are,
it is commonly agreed, shy and ticklish creatures). Whatever the reason one
travels to Bopalopia, for gold, experience, or just to see the sights, most
everyone agrees that it's a very silly place indeed.