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17.4.1 BOOKIES


This book making system allows you to fulfill your life-long dream of becoming
a bookie or at least hanging out with bookies! Yes, you too can gamble yourself
into soul-crushing debt like a pro.

In order to gain a bookmaker's license, you must go to the Delosian Bookmaker's
guild, off the lottery office there. Then, you just BUY BOOKMAKING PERMIT ...
assuming you have 200,000 gold on your person.

Command Syntaxes (For everybody)

  - List the ids of current games you're able to bet on.
  - Get a detailed summary of an ongoing game.

BET <x gold> ON <choice> IN <game id>
  - Places a bet for a specified amount of gold on a particular choice in a
    particular game. When a winner is declared in the game you will, if you
    bet correctly, be paid off according to the odds that were placed on that
    choice. For instance, if you bet 100 gold on something that pays off at
    3:2, your 100 gold goes away, then if you win you'll get back 150 gold. 

  - THIS IS NOT WHAT YOU EXPECT! Let's take another example: the odds are 
    5 to 4. You bet 4000 gold. Your 4000 gold is taken away. Now you win.
    You are given 5000 gold (minus fees and taxes, but let's just assume
    you get the whole thing for now). You now have 1000 more gold than
    when you started. This is how the betting system works.

  - To place a bet for general Achaean events (not sponsored by one
    particular bookie) you must be in the Delosian Bookmaker's guild.

  - Lists those with bookie permits.