Achaea Help Files

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There are six body parts for the purposes of damage and combat in Achaea:
Left Arm
Right Arm
Left Leg
Right Leg

Each of these body parts is able to take individual damage, and generally
attacks will tell you which body part they are attacking, if any. If no body
part is shown in an attack, then you are just taking general damage.

Attacks vs. body parts do both general damage against your health, and damage
vs. that body part. However, generally speaking, the damage to your health
done by an attack vs. a body part will be less than if it wasn't targetted to
a body part.

Now, each body part can be at one of three states:

State 0 means that your bodypart is either fully healed, or has taken only
minor damage.

State 1 means that your bodypart has sustained some damage but is still

State 2 means that your bodypart has been seriously mutilated.

Below is a chart listing the effects of being at State 1 and State 2.

Bodypart        State 1              State 2
--------        -------              -------
Head            Stupidity            Concussion
Body            Minor bleeding       Serious bleeding
Limbs           Limb breaks          Limb is mutilated and broken and cannot
                                     be healed without first applying a
                                     restoration salve to it.

Some have been confused in the past by the difference between State 1 and
State 2 damage on a limb, and a limb being broken. It should be emphasized
that they are _not_ the same thing. To better understand how this works,
imagine that when a limb has been damaged, as opposed to broken, the ability
of that limb to heal has been affected, so a simple mending salve will not
heal it without first applying a restoration salve.

In order to deal out body part damage, which is possible with weapons and with
some abilities, you must first obtain the TARGETTING ability in the Weaponry

Furthermore, if you have the PARRYING ability in Weaponry, you will, if you
have a weapon capable of parrying wielded (Probe it to find out), be able to
parry attacks to a body part, thus taking no damage.