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Bloodlines are simply a way to trace your familial relationships in such a way
that they are officially recorded by Achaea. To join a bloodline or to begin
your own, you must either be recorded as the child of someone or record someone
as your child.

In order to record someone as a child, the parent and the child must go
together to the Bloodline Registry in Delos and then must use the 'record'
command to officially record the relationship. (Syntax below).

It should go without saying that bloodlines are permanent and irrevocable.
After all, you cannot change who your biological mother and father are.

No one may bloodline more children than the number of years above 18 of
their age. So if you are 40 years old, you may not bloodline a child if you
already have 22 children. 

Bloodlining vs. Adoption
The Bloodline system is meant only as a roleplaying aid to record biological
blood relations. It is not intended as a record for adoptions. Adoptions 
should simply be roleplayed in a normal manner. If you do not wish to imply
that you had intimate relations with someone, you should probably roleplay
adoption rather than bloodlining a child with that person.

While different races are cross-fertile and may even produce children of a
race different from either parent, nature still requires parents of opposite
sex. Same-sex couples are welcome to roleplay adoptions.

Divine Intervention
There is none. The Garden will not intervene. Even should your prospective
child be 12 years, 11 months, and 24 days younger than you, we will not
manually bloodline them for you. We will not undo a bloodline, even if all
parties have a change of heart.


  - Parent and child must both be in the Bloodline Registry in Delos.
  - The child must be at least 13 years younger than the parent.
  - The child must be at least 20 years old.
  - Bloodlined parents may not be the same sex as each other.

  - Shows someone's bloodline, going up to three generations back and three
    generations forward. In this display, M stands for MOTHER and
    F stands for FATHER.