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** Note: Ascension to the Divine has not happened in quite some time,
   and will not ever happen again in Achaea. This reference is here
   for historical reference only.

Ascension to the Divine is perhaps the greatest accomplishment possible within
Achaea. In this process a mortal is transformed into a God. Thus far in
Achaea's history, but four mortals have ever Ascended. These, in no particular
order, are: Servelan de Vermiis, who achieved this by summoning the Spawn of
the Unnamable Horror, transforming her into Eris, Goddess of Chaos; Elentari
Lokelinde-Danial who ascended through the collective will of the pantheon of
Gods, to become Ourania, Goddess of the Moon; Maran La'Saen, the Sultan of
Shallam, and a Rider of the Black Boar in the Order of The Logos, who ascended
into Pentharian, the Righteous, while trying to awake the sleeping God
Deucalion from His slumber; and Dawn, the Keeper of the Light, who bonded with
the legendary Phoenix and cleansed the realm of mortals of the Taint, at great
hazard to her life, and was then created Mithraea by Sarapis, the Logos

While some mortals have, in the past, sacrificed themselves in order to bring a
God back to the land, it must be emphasized that this is _not_ the same thing
as Ascension. Ascension represents nothing less than a formal recognition that
the person Ascending has reached the pinnacle of achievement within Achaea. He
or she has, in some way or another, left his or her indelible stamp upon Achaea
forever and his or her name will be forever remembered as one of Achaea's