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11.8.4 Apollyon, the Suffering

The God Apollyon was slain in battle in 611 AF by Pentharian, God of Valour.

Revealed together with Aurora, Apollyon was soon after joined with Shaitan in a
perfect combination as Sartan, accustomed both to unquestioned rule and
complete agreement with His co-ruler. Sundered at the hand of Keresis, Goddess
of Vengeance, Apollyon became independent and separate once more, and was known
as the Suffering.

The losses He suffered during the initial absorption were unutterably deep. As
a permanent token of those sufferings, and as a means to more complete mastery,
Apollyon took on The Ultimate Wounding. Apollyon's suffering taught Him much of
introspection, indirection, subtlety, manipulation, and mental control.