Achaea Help Files

Achaea has hundreds of help files to you learn about Achaea. This is a copy of the in-game help file structure. HELP in-game will show you this same menu.


Helpful commands for affliction information:

  - See a list of all known afflictions

 AFFLICTION SHOW <affliction>
  - See information about a specific affliction

 WHATCURES <affliction>
  - See what will cure a specific affliction


Affliction List

Affliction          Action      Herbal Cure      Alchemical Cure
----------          ------      -----------      ---------------
Ablaze:             Apply (*)   Mending          Mending
Addiction:          Eat         Ginseng          Ferrum
Aeon:               Smoke       Elm              Cinnabar
Agoraphobia:        Eat         Lobelia          Argentum
Anorexia:           Apply       Epidermal        Epidermal
Asthma:             Eat         Kelp             Aurum
Bleeding:           Clot
Blindness:          Apply       Epidermal        Epidermal
Claustrophobia:     Eat         Lobelia          Argentum
Clumsiness:         Eat         Kelp             Aurum
Concussion:         Apply       Restoration      Restoration
Confusion:          Eat         Prickly Ash      Stannum
Crippled limb:      Apply       Mending          Mending
Damaged limb:       Apply       Restoration      Restoration
Darkshade:          Eat         Ginseng          Ferrum
Deadening:          Smoke       Elm              Cinnabar
Deafness:           Apply       Epidermal        Epidermal
Dementia:           Eat         Prickly Ash      Stannum
Disfigurement:      Smoke       Valerian         Realgar
Dissonance:         Eat         Goldenseal       Plumbum
Dizziness:          Eat         Goldenseal       Plumbum
Drowning:           Eat         Pear             Calcite
Entangled:          Writhe
Epilepsy:           Eat         Goldenseal       Plumbum
Fear:               Compose
Freezing:           Apply       Caloric          Caloric
Generosity:         Eat         Bellwort         Cuprum
Hallucinations:     Eat         Prickly Ash      Stannum
Haemophilia:        Eat         Ginseng          Ferrum
Health Leech:       Eat         Kelp             Aurum
Hellsight:          Smoke       Valerian         Realgar
Hypochondria:       Eat         Kelp             Aurum
Hypersomnia:        Eat         Prickly Ash      Stannum
Impatience:         Eat         Goldenseal       Plumbum
Indifference:       Eat         Bellwort         Cuprum
Internal Trauma:    Apply       Restoration      Restoration
Justice:            Eat         Bellwort         Cuprum
Lethargy:           Eat         Ginseng          Ferrum
Loneliness:         Eat         Lobelia          Argentum
Lover's Effect:     Eat         Bellwort         Cuprum
Masochism:          Eat         Lobelia          Argentum
Mana Leech:         Smoke       Valerian         Realgar
Mangled limb:       Apply       Restoration      Restoration
Nausea:             Eat         Ginseng          Ferrum
Pacifism:           Eat         Bellwort         Cuprum
Paralysis:          Eat         Bloodroot        Magnesium
Paranoia:           Eat         Prickly Ash      Stannum
Peace:              Eat         Bellwort         Cuprum
Recklessness:       Eat         Lobelia          Argentum
Scytherus:          Eat         Ginseng          Ferrum
Sensitivity:        Eat         Kelp             Aurum
Shyness:            Eat         Goldenseal       Plumbum
Slickness:          Smoke       Valerian         Realgar 
                    Eat         Bloodroot        Magnesium
Stinky:             Scrub (**)
Stupidity:          Eat         Goldenseal       Plumbum
Stuttering:         Apply       Epidermal        Epidermal
Tempered Humours    Eat         Ginger           Antimony
Transfixed:         Writhe
Vertigo:            Eat         Lobelia          Argentum
Voyria:             Sip         Immunity         Immunity
Weariness:          Eat         Kelp             Aurum
Webbed:             Writhe

(*)  The unfortunate state of being on fire may also be resolved by finding
     an available source of water to swim in.

(**) To scrub yourself clean, you must first go to a water location.